Advanced Personal Vaporizers/Mods

NHaler's wide range of Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Mods offer superior performance and quality for the advanced user.

    AR Mod by TAC MODS e-Leaf iJust Variable Voltage Kit EHPro Buffalo Mod
    AR Mod by TAC MODSe-Leaf iJust Variable Voltage KitEHPro Buffalo Mod

    The AR Mod has a smooth steel body that fits 18650 batteries. The rails look like a traditional AR-15 but they smoothed out and chamfered to fit comfortably and nicely in your hand.

    iJust, a new type of e-cigarette by Eleaf, features the brand new BDC atomizer head, the telescopic battery tube and the function of adjusting voltage. The BDC atomizer enhances the effectiveness of vaporization.

    The EHPro Buffalo is an awesome-looking, hard-hitting mechanical mod! Three interchangeable tubes allow the usage of 18350, 18500, or 18650 IMR batteries




    EHPro Nemesis EHPro Origin/Aqua Kit G Mod 26650
    EHPro NemesisEHPro Origin/Aqua KitG Mod 26650

    The EHPro Nemesis is a solid and simple mechanical mod. Available in brass and stainless steel, this mod comes with 3 body tubes, allowing the use of 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries

    The EHPro Origin is a sophisticated mechanical mod with some unique features.

    The G Mod 26650 by Vape Well is a clean, elegant, small, lightweight, and innovative mod. The G mod is designed with a slick clean look, accented with a very elegant CNC engraving.




    Golden Army Panzer by MCV Guns Blazin' Mod Innokin Cool Fire 2
    Golden Army Panzer by MCVGuns Blazin' ModInnokin Cool Fire 2

    The AUTHENTIC LIMITED EDITION Golden Army Panzer is the latest mechanical mod by MCV. It is influenced by the German WWII tank “The Panzer” and quite simply; It’s Built Like A Freakin’ Tank.

    The Guns Blazin Mod is the next BIG thing in vaping. 100% American made, with low serial numbers. This beast of a mod comes with a inner tube that is removeable, allowing you to vape with either a 18650 or 26650 battery of your choice.

    Styled to resemble a grenade, the Innokin Cool Fire II is an 18350 variable wattage personal vaporizer. This kit comes with one Innokin iClear 30B Bottom Coil tank with a 3mL capacity. Looks and feels fantastic in your hand!




    Innokin iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping System Praxis Mod The AmeraVape Manhattan
    Innokin iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping SystemPraxis ModThe AmeraVape Manhattan

    Innokin iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping System is a truely innovative and delightfully unconventional variable voltage mod, designed specifically for vehicular vaping.

    The Authentic Praxis Mod by Praxis Vapors. No more stuck lock rings. Available in Brass and Stainless Steel

    If you are looking for the hardest hitting Premium Mod on the market than look no further. AmeraVape’s “The Manhattan” is an un-regulated 18650 Mod. “The Manhattan” is Proudly made in the U.S.A.




    The Kingpin by MCV The Liberty Mod The Magneto V2
    The Kingpin by MCVThe Liberty ModThe Magneto V2

    The KINGPIN by MCV PHILIPPINES! Boasting to be MCV’s hardest hitting mod yet, the 26650 KINGPIN has been engineered for maximum performance and definitely looks the part!

    From the creators of the infamous Patriot RDA comes the Liberty. This state of the art 100% USA made mod comes in a very sleek and stylish stainless steel fitting.

    The SmokTech Magneto 2 is a simple yet huge upgrade to the original Magneto.  As with the original you still get the same telescoping power, but now there is a better button. The opposing pole magnets are heavier duty.




    The Opus DNA 30 Generation III The Prime Mod The Rig Competition Mod
    The Opus DNA 30 Generation IIIThe Prime ModThe Rig Competition Mod

    The highly anticipated Opus DNA 30 Gen-lll advanced personal vaporizer is now available at NHaler!

    Authentic Serialized Prime Mod by Tarsius Customs, the makers of the 4Nine Mod from the Philippines. Package includes The Prime Mod and 2 extension tubes to accommodate the 3 main battery sizes.

    Featuring 3 finishes, and stepping up at 25mm wide. Copper + and – contacts, Delrin insulators, flush mount button with a 4 pound spring. 360 Brass / 304 Stainless Steel / and Oxygen Free Copper




    The Shamrock by Celtic Mods
    The Shamrock by Celtic Mods

    The Shamrock by Celtic Mods USA is a beautiful mod made of red copper, modular design that can take 18350-18650 batteries.  This mod has a unique locking mechanism that only requires half a turn to lock it.


    We are sure you will notice the superior quality and performance of our e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. We have been in the business of quality control and development for over 4 years. We are confident that our past and future efforts with trusted manufacturers has and will continue to make our products the best in the industry.