510 Elite Kit

510 Elite Kit
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This elegant 510 Elite PCC (personal charging case) kit looks great and allows you to charge on the go!

The PCC has 3 slots to hold 3 510 cartomizers and recharges the battery when it is in the case. It also has the ability to charge other 510 batteries and electrical devices, such as your mobile phone. It comes with an adapter armed with connections to fit the iPod, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson phones as well as Mini and Micro USB too, making it useful for just about everything. The LED status lights show the battery pack charge level and e-cig charge level (green/orange/red). The PCC itself can be charged from a standard or mini USB port.

Kit includes:

  • 1 PCC with built-in rechargeable battery pack (3.7v 1020mAh polymer li-ion
  • 1 510 automatic black battery
  • 1 510 manual white battery
  • 3 510 pre-filled cartomizers menthol
  • 2 6mL e-liquid samples of your choice
  • 1 universal adapter
  • 1 input cable
  • 1 output cable
  • 1 carrying bag
  • 1 instruction manual
An instructional video for this product is available below via our NHaler Youtube page:
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