Deluxe Wall USB Charger

Deluxe Wall USB Charger
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These are special made high quality USB chargers that can charge all of your batteries and power your passthroughs. Rated at 2.1 amps (5.1V), this charger has plenty of turbo power. Features a battery charge indicator. Not just any charger, it's the best charger on the market!

A USB passthrough can be attached to the charger, then plugged into a wall outlet, allowing endless new functions for the passthrough. It can also be used to charge any USB-powered device such as a smart phone, tablet, PDA, or portable music player.

We are sure you will notice the superior quality and performance of our products. We have been in the business of quality control and development for over four years. We are confident that our past and future efforts with trusted manufacturers has and will continue to make our products the best in the industry.

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