Diablo Mini E-Pipe

Diablo Mini E-Pipe
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Produced by MadVapes, this awesome e-Pipe is carved out of acrylic using CNC machines and then outfitted with an auto switch for button free vaping. 

The curves of the pipe really bring out the detail in the acrylic. It is polished to a high shine and has a red LED under a molded piece of translucent acrylic that is lightly finished with black paint closely resembling ignited pipe embers.

The auto switch has a red LED when vaping but has a blue LED that flashes when you first install a battery, when the battery is low, or if there is a short detected at the connector.

It is designed for a 3.7V 18350 Li-ion battery providing all day vaping. 

Please note: Colors and patterns vary on acrylic mods as they are custom made. THIS PIPE IS AUTOMATIC.

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