Disposable Vaporizers

These disposable personal vaporizers are perfect for introducing yourself or a friend to e-cigs and e-cigars. They are easy to use and perfect for on the go!

Disposable eCig Priority Mail Shipping Express Shipping
Disposable eCigPriority Mail ShippingExpress Shipping

The perfect disposable eCig to take with you on the go or give to a friend to try. It produces an enjoyable, warm vapor when puffed like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

This Priority Mail Shipping product allows you to have your order shipped USPS priority flat rate envelope delivery nationwide.

Express Shipping to anywhere, including International orders.




Insurance Shipping Option
Insurance Shipping Option

This Insurance option allows you to have your order shipped with USPS insurance against any loss or damage. 


We are sure you will notice the superior quality and performance of our e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. We have been in the business of quality control and development for over 4 years. We are confident that our past and future efforts with trusted manufacturers has and will continue to make our products the best in the industry.