EGO Portable Charging Case

EGO Portable Charging Case
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This PCC is perfect for charging your EGO batteries while on the go. It can re-charge an EGO 650mah battery up to 3 times before needinga re-charge. Re-charges on almost any USB port with the supplied USB cable.

Holds one complete assembled EGO electronic cigarette, one battery in the charging port, one e-Liquid bottle (included), and atomizers, cartomizers, or other accessories in the extra slot. The e-liquid bottle can be removed to carry another EGO electronic cigarette battery.

Magnetic closure on the PCC and elastic strap ensures everything is held tightly together.

It is compatible with 650mAh, 900mAh, 1000mAh regular EGO, USB EGO, and Revolver/C-Twist batteries. It may also be compatible with various clones of the JoyeTech EGO but we cannot gaurantee it.

PCC includes:

  • 1 EGO PCC 
  • 1 charging USB cable 
  • 1 e-liquid bottle 
  • 1 instruction manual
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