Electronic Pipe and Cigar

The very best high quality Electronic Pipes and Cigars available in the e-cig market!

Guardian E-Pipe Telescopic Folding E-Pipe Diablo Mini E-Pipe
Guardian E-PipeTelescopic Folding E-PipeDiablo Mini E-Pipe

This is a wonderful 18350 wooden pipe mod. It fits 18350 batteries and is super comfortable to hold. Standard 510 connection with a vent hole on battery cover.

Unique and practical, this is an anodized aluminum pipe mod with a hinge, allowing it to fold up for easy carrying. Comes with an EGO Aspire BDC Cartomizer and a matching anodized EGO threaded sleeve to go over your cartomizer/clearomizer.

This awesome e-Pipe is carved out of acrylic using CNC machines and then outfitted with an auto switch for button free vaping. Look fantastic!





Mini Gold E-Pipe The NHaler Cartomizer Tank Pipe Kit Mini Variable Voltage Chrome E-Pipe 18500 / 18650 Extension Tube
Mini Gold E-PipeThe NHaler Cartomizer Tank Pipe KitMini Variable Voltage Chrome E-Pipe 18500 / 18650 Extension Tube

Definitely a unique pipe that looks great in your hand with its sleek and stylish gold chrome design!

This fantastic pipe is the latest and newest e-pipe available. It offers style and elegance while providing versatility and durability!

This is an extension tube that will allow you to use an 18500 battery with the Mini Chrome E-Pipe. It is made from the same quality material and seamlessly matches the e-Pipe.





Greenworld G500 Deluxe Pipe Starter Kit GreenWorld G120 Cigar Cartomizers GreenWorld G500 Pipe Refillable Cartomizers
Greenworld G500 Deluxe Pipe Starter KitGreenWorld G120 Cigar CartomizersGreenWorld G500 Pipe Refillable Cartomizers

The G500 is a Pipe set containing a prestigious wooden sculptured pipe, which utilizes a 5mL reservoir proprietary cartomizer. This model is featured with super vapor volumes.

These G120 cigar cartomizers are perfect for the G120 Greencig Cigar Kit. Pack of 6.

These G500 cigar cartomizers are perfect for the G500 Greencig Pipe Kit. They are blank and refillable. Pack of 6.




Pelican Carrying Case Priority Mail Shipping Express Shipping
Pelican Carrying CasePriority Mail ShippingExpress Shipping

This universal carrying case can be used to store any of our devices and comes with a customizable foam that you can cut to fit your mod or e-Cig!

This Priority Mail Shipping product allows you to have your order shipped USPS priority flat rate envelope delivery nationwide.

Express Shipping to anywhere, including International orders.




Insurance Shipping Option
Insurance Shipping Option

This Insurance option allows you to have your order shipped with USPS insurance against any loss or damage. 


Although we carry different models, we strongly recommend the GreenCig models as they are of the very highest quality.