Glass Drip Tips (510/901/KR808/N100, 306, 801)

Glass Drip Tips (510/901/KR808/N100, 306, 801)
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These Pyrex Glass drip tips come in 510/901/KR808 Cartomizer, 306, and 801 styles. These drip tips are hand blown and made here in the USA.

  • unique product design to improve e-liquid delivery and increase air flow of atomizers
  • make dripping e-liquid easier without the messy liquid build up
  • provide an O-ring for a tight fit and seal
  • users find that some current drip tips leave an odd after taste
  • larger hole at the top results in a much fuller, easier draw
  • eliminates all heat transfer that comes from the atomizer

These tips have been perfected with a year plus of development and evolution. The eCig Company sizes and fits each tip on their low resistant and standard resistant 510 and 901 atomizers. Order a 510 or 901 atomizer to guarantee a perfect snug fit every time!

Please note: Drip tips numbered 1-12 may vary in size and shape because they are hand blown.


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