Herbal Lung (8-12mg)

Our Herbal Lung line is mixed with e-liquid flavors and herbal ingredients to offer a unique vaping experience. Lung juice was created to stimulate a natural body healing process by vaping herbs that have been said to nourish the lungs and other vital organs.

30mL Threesome Herbal Lung Juice Herbal Lung Sampler Pack Herbal Lung | Green Tea
30mL Threesome Herbal Lung JuiceHerbal Lung Sampler PackHerbal Lung | Green Tea

Mix and match our Lung liquids with this three pack deal! Our Lung line is mixed with e-liquid flavors and herbal ingredients to offer a unique vaping experience.

Our Lung line is mixed with e-liquid flavors and herbal ingredients to offer a unique vaping experience. This 5 pack allows you to sample our unique herbal line!

Enjoy an earthy herbal mix of Green Tea Lung and enter a Zen state of mind. Perfect for a refreshing morning wake-up call. Choice of 30mL or 6mL, 12mg.




Herbal Lung | Orange Herbal Lung | Pear Herbal Lung | Pomegranate
Herbal Lung | OrangeHerbal Lung | PearHerbal Lung | Pomegranate

In this lively Orange Lung blend, juicy oranges mingle with a unique mixture of herbs. Possessing delightfully soothing qualities and a tangy taste, it is sure to give you an experience you won’t forget! Choice of 30mL or 6mL, 12mg.

Pear Lung is blended with the sweet taste of juicy pears and herbs for a delicate and delighting infusion. One of our most popular lung e-liquids by far. Choice of 30mL or 6mL, 12mg.

At last, the power of pomegranate in an e-liquid! This delicious blend is scrumptious with sweet-tart pomegranate flavor. This blend offers a fruitful way to enjoy the full range of our lung liquid benefits. 30mL/6mL, 12mg.




Herbal Lung | Sleepy Time Green Tea Herbal Lung | Watermelon Blunt Filling Syringe
Herbal Lung | Sleepy Time Green TeaHerbal Lung | WatermelonBlunt Filling Syringe

With its comforting aroma and perfectly balanced flavor, this is an exquisitely soothing new way for you to wind down your day. Its effects are achieved by blending soothing herbal ingredients with an earthy green tea flavor. 30mL/6mL, 8mg.

Refreshing and fruity, Watermelon Lung is sure to remind you of summertime with an herbal twist. Sprinklers, swimsuits and watermelon. For times when we can’t escape to the joys of summer, we offer up our Watermelon Lung.

Blunt syringe for filling your wide variety of cartomizers, tanks, CE2s, and Giantomizers! 3mL capacity. Luer-lok 18 gauge x 1 1/2 inch blunt fill needle tip.




Filler Set Filler Bottles and Blunt Syringe Set Priority Mail Shipping
Filler SetFiller Bottles and Blunt Syringe SetPriority Mail Shipping

This filler set comes with an assortment of blunt and sharp tips, 2 bottles, 1 Luer Lock cap, and a syringe. Great for DIY.

This set is great for filling your Cartomizers, Ce2s, Giantomizers and e-liquid bottles! These are compatible with all Luer Lock syringes and components.

This Priority Mail Shipping product allows you to have your order shipped USPS priority flat rate envelope delivery nationwide.




Express Shipping Insurance Shipping Option
Express ShippingInsurance Shipping Option

Express Shipping to anywhere, including International orders.

This Insurance option allows you to have your order shipped with USPS insurance against any loss or damage. 



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