Jumbo Drip 510 Atomizers

Jumbo Drip 510 Atomizers
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These dripping 510 atomizers hold a full 1mL of liquid in the base and drip sheild combined, without requiring any additional dripping. Comes with a matching pair of 1 510 contoured twisted drip tip and 1 twisted drip shield. Available in 2 ohm +/- 0.2 ohm. No syringe required, just drip directly into them! These need to be filled slowly. These can and will leak from the bottom if filled too quickly. They should be used as a dripping atomizer and the overflow will be drawn back in through the hole and vaporized.

Corresponding to picture:

  1. Kingsnake
  2. Lavender Swirl
  3. Ocean Wave
  4. Red Dragon
  5. White Onyx Stripe
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