N100 Smart PCC Kit - KR808

N100 Smart PCC Kit - KR808
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The N100 KR808 Mini Smart Personal Charger Case (PCC) is the newest, most advanced PCC design on the market. Features a removable rechargeable battery and a threaded e-cig battery connector that fits most N100 KR808 Style batteries (Auto 78mm, Manual 78mm, and Shorty 65mm). Also features a dual mode LCD display, showing both the PCC and the e-cig battery charge levels. The Mini PCC will charge your KR808D-1 MF Style Batteries all day.

Kit includes:

  • One (1) N100 KR808 Smart PCC with rechargeable battery and charging cord
  • One (1) N100 KR808 Manual Battery
  • One (1) N100 KR808 Auto Battery
  • Five (5) N100 KR808 Cartomizers

An additional N100 battery and N-Series Deluxe wall charger can be added to this kit under the options below for 25% off the original price with this purchase! That's a savings of $4.00!

This product will work with V4L, Cig2o, VaporNine, Vapor Kings, Cig Easy, Bloog, Greensmoke, Smokeless Image, V2Cigs, MyVaporStore, SavEcig, SmokTek and most other KR808D-1 models. 

We are sure you will notice the superior quality and performance of our products. We have been in the business of quality control and development for over four years. We are confident that our past and future efforts with trusted manufacturers has and will continue to make our products the best in the industry.
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