Ohm Meter with Voltage Adapter

Ohm Meter with Voltage Adapter
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Ohm Meter - Clearomizer/Cartomizer/Atomizer now with Battery Voltage Tester ability with included adapter!

Now you can easily test cartomizers and atomizers without having to use a multimeter. Simply screw on a clearomizer, cartomizer or atomizer and this Ohm meter will tell you the ohms.
In addition, this device will read your battery voltage (standard ego/510 only, see note below) when you use the included adapter.  (ego or 510 batteries only)

Great for testing ohms or for cartomizers or atomizers. The ohm meter will read a 1 in the first digit to the left if there is no current flow through the device. Basic accuracy is 0.005Ohm or 0.2%, whichever is larger. When the measurement is below 1.00Ohm, the meter will display mOhms, or 1/1000s of an Ohm, instead of Ohms.  When displaying mOhms, the decimal point is not displayed. 

For the new feature battery voltage testing, screw on the included adapter to the ego connection on the ohm meter, then screw your battery to the top of the adapter.  The display will jump around until you hit the button on the battery then it will meter the power output of the battery,  In my tests it metered within around +-.1 which is pretty good.

The meter is simple and easy to use and has one native connector: 510 with ego threading so it will fit all 510's and ego devices. Extensions or adapters can be used to test other atomizers or cartomizers as well as eGo style atomizers and cartomizers. The test amperage is only 6mA and will not produce heat at the coil of the atomizer or cartomizer you are testing.

Requires 2 AA batteries which are not included.

A note on the battery voltage testing capabilities.  This is intended to test the voltage and be done, not to leave it on or continually fire the battery, test the voltage and take it off.

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