RSST RBA Plastic and Pyrex

RSST RBA Plastic and Pyrex
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The RSST is a DIY, rebuildable Genesis-style tank. It is available in Plastic as well as Pyrex. Smok has incorporated a Pyrex glass tank so you can use any e-liquid you like, even liquids that are known to eat away at plastic!

The wick hole and the bottom of the tank are insulated to reduce the occurance of hotspots. The positive post is adjustable, ensuring a solid connection regardless of what device you're using.

The tank holds approximately 3mL of e-liquid and the wick hole is approximately 3mm in diameter.

Comes with 2 replacement fill plugs, 2 additional washers and a replacement spring for the positive post, a stainless steel Dynasty drip tip, and replacement o-rings.

With the RSST, you can get the exact vape you're looking for!

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