The Beretta™ Semi Auto VV Battery Kit

The Beretta™ Semi Auto VV Battery Kit
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The Beretta™ Semi Auto VV Battery Kit includes an advanced personal vaporizer battery featuring a revolutionary technology which allows either fully automatic operation (air activated) or manual operation (activates only when the button is pressed). Rapidly clicking the button 5 times switches modes, the light flashes to indicate mode change.

Additionally, the Beretta™ features a handy bottom dial that adjusts from 3.3 to 4.8 volts, providing optimum control of vapor output and temperature. Its large 900mAh capacity provides long-lasting vaping power.

Also includes three adapters (510>EGO, 510>iGo, and 510>KR808/901 stealth) for unlimited vaping combinationsas well as an E-Smart USB charger.

Compatible with all of our 510, EGO and Crystal Vision atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers as well as KR808/iGo accessories with the included adapters, the Beretta™ offers an outstanding compromise between smaller units and larger, heavier batteries. It balances well in the hand and has a sleek, stylish look sure to catch the eye.

Perfect for both new and advanced e-cig users boasting incredible performance with simplistic features.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Beretta™ battery (your choice of Black or SS)
  • 1 510>EGO adapter
  • 1 510>iGo adapter
  • 1 510>KR808/901 Stealth adapter
  • 1 E-Smart USB charger

An additional Beretta battery can be added to this kit under the options below for $3.00 off the already reduced sale price with this purchase!

Price $48.00
Sale Price $43.00
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