The Kick

The Kick
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NHaler proudly releases The Kick! The Kick is designed to be used in an 18650 Device substituting an 18500 IMR High Drain battery that allows the user to adjust the watts and control the heat of their atomizer or cartomizer. Surely the most innovative device of its time!

Please follow the link below for the operating instructions and video demonstration:

NHaler recommends using the 18500 batteries (#3) found on this link: Batteries for Advanced Personal Vaporizers

We have also rigorously tested The XHaler for use with 18500 Batteries and The Kick. NHaler has released an extended version The XL XHaler for use with an 18650 battery and The Kick for extended battery life.


The Kick is designed to be used only as specified in these instructions. Using the Kick module in any configuration other than as outlined above will VOID THE WARRANTY and will be at your own risk. NHaler and EVOLV cannot warranty, or be responsible for, any user modifications to the device and/or any application other than as specifically described in these user instructions.

An instructional video for this product is available below via our NHaler Youtube page:

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