The Natural and Telescopic Natural

This adjustable 3.7V tube mod allows for a compact design using an 18350 battery or a longer time between charges with an 18650 battery.

The Telescopic Natural Opus D / Tube Mod Cup Holder Stand Batteries for Advanced Personal Vaporizers
The Telescopic NaturalOpus D / Tube Mod Cup Holder StandBatteries for Advanced Personal Vaporizers

This is an adjustable 3.7 volt mechanical tube mod that allows for a compact design using an 18350 to 18650 battery.

This stand perfectly fits your Opus D, tube mods, a standard 30mL bottle of e-liquid, a mod battery, cartomizers, tanks, etc. Conveniently fits inside of your car cup holder.

An assortment of replacement batteries for your Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Mods! (14500, 18350, 18500/18490, 18650, 26500, 26650)




The Kick 2 The Kick 26650 / 18650 Battery Charger
The Kick 2The Kick26650 / 18650 Battery Charger

This new second edition boasts a dual pin contact as well as an updated circuit architecture that allows the user to go as high as 15 Watts with the proper configurations and does so more efficiently!

The Kick is designed to be used in an 18650 Device substituting an 18500 IMR High Drain battery that allows the user to adjust the watts and control the heat of their atomizer or cartomizer! Surely the most innovative device of its time!

This charger can charge 26650 and 18650 batteries. It features a fold down plug for easy storage and transport. Rated at 1A, it does a reasonably quick job charging such large capacity batteries!




Priority Mail Shipping Express Shipping Insurance Shipping Option
Priority Mail ShippingExpress ShippingInsurance Shipping Option

This Priority Mail Shipping product allows you to have your order shipped USPS priority flat rate envelope delivery nationwide.

Express Shipping to anywhere, including International orders.

This Insurance option allows you to have your order shipped with USPS insurance against any loss or damage. 




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