The Omnitester

The Omnitester
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Easily test the resistance of your atomizers, cartomizers or clearomizers. You can also test the output voltage of your batteries with the Omnitester.

The Omnitester comes with 510/eGo threading for use with all 510 and eGo threaded parts.

Accurate to 0.4%

The test amperage is a mere 3 milliamps to prevent any damage to the coils in the items being tested.

The Omnitester has a built in battery and is recharged using the supplied micro USB cable.

To test the resistance of an item, screw it onto the Omnitester, and flip the switch to the resistance setting. The Omnitester will display the items resistive load.

To test a batteries voltage, screw the battery onto the Omnitester and flip the switch to the voltage mode. Use of manual batteries will require to press the firing button while attached. The Omnitester will then display the output voltage of the attached battery.
The Omnitester will display a 1 in the first digit to the left if there is no current flow from battery to the tester.

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