The Rig Competition Mod

The Rig Competition Mod
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Featuring 3 finishes, and stepping up at 25mm wide, The Rig Competition Mod is a heavy hitter. Copper + and – contacts, Delrin insulators, flush mount button with a 4 pound spring. Conductivity was priority with this mod. 360 Brass / 304 Stainless Steel / and Oxygen Free Copper are all great conductors. Those looking for the most power out of their mods will enjoy the electrical properties of the OFC Copper. It is one of the most conductive coppers in existence.

The Rig Mod Specs:

- 3 Finishes (304 SS/360 Brass/OFC Copper)

- 25mm wide

- 110 MM length

- Copper +/- contacts

- Delrin Insulators

- Self adjusting top contacts (fits button and flattop)

- 18650 batteries

- Flush mount button, 4 lbs spring

- Positive battery ventilation

Price $170.00
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