The XHaler

The XHaler
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The highly anticipated debut of's newest smoking alternative has finally arrived. Made 100% in the USA, the XHaler has a totally mechanical switch with a lifetime warranty that requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. Using stronger longer lasting batteries, the XHaler offers a heightened level of performance unlike any other product on the market. It provides an extremely realistic smoking experience by producing vast amounts of vapor incomparable to the average electronic cigarette. With interchangeable atomizer tips for purchase, the XHaler is an easy transition from any other product.

The NEW XHaler now handles 18650 IMR High Drain Batteries, 17670 Protected batteries. Will not fit all 18650 batteries. Do Not Stack Batteries with this MOD!

The Xhaler unit includes:

  • 1 510 brass tip
  • 1 510 to 901 adapter
  • 1 510 to 801 adapter
  • 1 pre-installed flat black button or color of your choice for $6

The batteries, charging kits, carrying cases and other atomizer adapters are sold separately.

Each Xhaler comes pre-installed with a new button. The standard color is flat black. If you wish to receive a different color, you may purchase one for only $6.00 below. Feel free to visit this link to find out more about the new button.

Xhaler / XShaler Replacement Buttons

Please Note: A Silencer can be added under the Add The Silencer? option below for $5 off the original price!

The Silencer is an adapter that attaches to your Mod or Standard battery and allows you to regulate your voltage from 3.3 to 4.8 volts with the twist of a dial. It handles input voltages from 3.7 to 7.2 volts and can be used with most devices that have a 510 connection. Offers overload protection.

The first Number (to the left) is the selection that corresponds to your picture. The number to the right is to be ignored. It is our internal stock number.

Attention: #28 Polished Microscratch finish contains microscratches. They have all been hand polished and may contain slight imperfections. 

ATTENTION: The Xhaler should ONLY be used with Batteries that are sold with this unit. Other batteries on this or other sites may be dangerous and should NOT be used with these devices. Stacking multiple batteries is NOT recommended and has caused battery failure that can cause bodily injury or property damage. This battery tube is designed for experienced users familiar with the safe use of LiFEPo4 batteries or other protected batteries. Use stacked batteries AT YOUR OWN RISK and please be careful and research proper use.

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