VPX Cartomator Cartomizer Stainless Steel Tanks

VPX Cartomator Cartomizer Stainless Steel Tanks
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The VPX Cartomator SS Tank offers an unmatched vaping experience and can be used with almost any standard diameter cartomizer with our "dot" modification of 1-2 drilled micro holes in the metal sleeve of the carto. This tank system comes with your choice of a pre-dotted cartomizer, two different sizes in 2.5mL or 5mL sizes, and a brushed or satin finish. You can "dot" a cartomizer yourself if you're handy or you can purchase from our numerous variety of pre-dotted cartomizers for your vaping pleasure.

Here is the link to the pre-dotted replacement cartomizers for the SS Cartomator: Pre-Dotted Cartomizers for VPX Cartomator Tanks

Cherry Red- 1.5 ohm Dual Coil- XL- Brushed Finish is only available.

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