e-Leaf iJust Variable Voltage Kit

e-Leaf iJust Variable Voltage Kit
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iJust, a new type of e-cigarette by Eleaf, features the brand new BDC atomizer head, the telescopic battery tube and the function of adjusting voltage. The BDC atomizer enhances the effectiveness of vaporization. The telescopic battery tube makes it fit into all batteries of the 18- series. And the function of adjusting voltage brings you a different experience of puff-taking.

•2 x iJust Mouthpieces
•1 x iJust Pyrex Atomizer Tube
•2 x BDC Atomizer Head
•1 x iJust Atomizer Base
•1 x iJust Battery Housing
•1 x iJust Drawtube
•1 x Battery Drive Pipe
•1 x Battery End Cap
•1 x iJust USB Cable
•1 x iJust Wall Charger
•1 x iJust User Manual

•New type of atomizer head. The BDC Atomizer head has two coils, which greatly enhance the effectiveness of vaporization. It also ensures a large amount of vapor production with low voltage and no burning taste under high voltage, and no leakage.
•The iJust Atomizer features a glass tube to effectively resist corrosion and greatly enhances durability. The capacity of the tube reaches 3.7ml.
•The voltage range varies from 3.3V to 4.8V. And it is adjusted by turning the knob in either direction to better suit personal preference.
•The design of the telescopic tube allows it to fit both the 18650 battery and the 18350 battery.

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