iGo Aspire BDC Replacement Coil Heads

iGo Aspire BDC Replacement Coil Heads
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These replacement coil heads are for the Aspire BDC IGO cartomizers.

Manufactured by Eigate. Super easy to replace the coil heads with the bottom coil design. 1.8 ohm. Pack of 5. Each pack includes 1 replacement iGo bottom connector. These are the latest version with only the 2 hole heads. We do not have any 4 hole heads. Box included.

These coil heads are interchangeable with the entire Aspire BDC product line on our website.  

Please note: These are the Aspire Coil heads that are compatible with the other cartomizer/tank styles in the Aspire Line, however, they come with a new bottom connector for the Aspire iGo making them compatible with the Aspire Coils sold separately on our website. 

Once you swap out the original bottom connector from your iGo Aspire with the one that is included with this pack, you no longer have to purchase this product and can purchase these replacement coil heads instead: Aspire BDC Cartomizer / Tank Coil Heads 5 Pack

An instructional video for the Aspire Line is available below via our NHaler Youtube page showing what they come with and how to properly fill them:

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